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Born and raised in Michigan, Lauren Petty grew up in a

supportive household that pushed her to pursue her artistic

interests. During her education at University, She took a year

to study in Japan where their culture and style influence her

work.  Petty graduated from Eastern Michigan University with

a bachelor's in Fine arts and a concentration in 2D Media. This degree allowed her to form many different skill sets including, Painting, Watercolor, Printmaking, and Drawing. 

Through Petty's work, she intends to create in a traditional manner of portrait painting while challenging the social expectation of what a portrait is supposed to look like. This process is shown through different mediums of paint and materials that she feels help portray her ideas. She also loves testing the science behind color relations and interactions through each paint stroke. 

When Petty isn't working on her portraits, she loves working on other subject matter such as illustrative artwork, landscape, and photography. 

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